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Trade Follow Global (TFG) offers attractive affiliate program which increases opportunities of additional investment income. We provides 11 referral levels for our partners’ affiliate network. 

In addition, if TFG clients are promoted to certain levels in our Promotion program, they can earn more bonus.

Higher opportunity for additional income

Partnership program offers a chance for clients to earn more money from their own network which will increase based on total amount of active deposits of their referrals.

Balance income from partners’ contribution in the network

Anytime you refer new investor to your own network, you will get a certain profit automatically based on the package that introduced comers invest in. Your opportunity as well as your income will not be limited. Just growth your affiliate network and gain more money with our attractive offer rate.

Accumulation of funds on the balance sheet

After receiving TFG partner status, your affiliate accrual amount will be accumulated on balance sheet. Your referral accrual amount will be calculated by USD and transfered to your TFG account automatically and can be withdrawn whenever you want.



Eleven-Level affiliate program and Matching Affiliate Program





Your income will be formed depending on the profit received by your affiliate structure. Your afiliate accrual amount will be transferred to your TFG account automatically and then you can withdraw whenever you expect.

Your affiliate-reward will be paid immediately to your account in USD when a new member enter your network. Withdrawal of affiliate-reward can be proceeded anytime.

Besides, TFG also offers another bounty program - Affiliate Network Promotion which helps you to increase your income if your network meets certain conditions. Find out more about this program below.


Affiliate Network Promotion


TFG also provides the Promotion program for partners who have good performance in building their network and encouraging their members to develop their down lines.

We have 7 levels of promotion, the brief tree is as below. The higher level must meet certain conditions: at least 3 super members, must maintain required trading amount, etc.




For details of other levels, please refer to our document: Trade Follow Global Presentation.pdf

Risk Warning

Trading products such as Forex and CFDs come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Therefore they may not suitable with all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand how CFDs and other instruments work as well as your level of experience to get your investment goals before trading. Moreover, you should consider wherether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
Please read the full Risk Disclosure