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1. Do I have to copy all the trades of the Professional Traders?

No. The newly-opened trades will be automatically copied to your account from the time you start following such the traders to the time you unfollow them. Previous trades and currently open trades will not be copied.


2. What is the minimum deposit to open a new account?

With an account size of $100 - $100,000 you can proportionally follow the trades up to ten Top Traders into your account.
Please visit our website at for detail information.


3. Can I open multiple accounts?
No. Each customer can create only one account at Trade Follow Global Company. This is prohibited by the company policy. Each created account is checked by the monitoring department of Trade Follow Global Company (email address, phone number and passport ID or National ID) and in case of multiple registrations, all accounts of this person will be blocked until the circumstances are clarified or deleted permanently. The company reserves the right to make its own decision.


4. How do you sign up to be a Trader and/or a Follower?
Please follow this link: Register


5. How are Traders ranked?

Excellent Traders in TFG community are selected and ranked by Trading Experience, Risk Score and Large Account Control with high frequency profit. This seriated list will be updated automatically in the beginning of each day from Monday to Sunday.


6. How can I copy the trades of a Professional Trader account?

Just open a demo or real account, then in the Dashboard, you choose Trader, here you can see the list of Top traders and follow them.


7. Can I amend or close copied trades?

No. You can not amend or close copied trades due to our principle in providing and using services. Once you choose to follow any excellent trader, all the new orders of such the traders will be copied automatically and cannot be stopped manually.


8. How to deposit/withdraw your money?

To deposit or withdraw customers need to create your own account first, then log in and take steps as instructions.

Deposit: customers need to transfer currency from your wallet to TFG account system. When transaction is successfully made, customers will receive notification email.

Withdraw: customers can withdraw any time after all the orders are closed. Profit Goal is up to 200%. After this Goal is reached, Followers will receive principal and need to deposit more to continue trading and earning with TFG.

To withdraw, customers will be asked to log in and click to “Withdrawal” and do step by step as instructions. Customers will receive notification email when your withdrawal is transferred to your account.

Security check is necessary when customer deposit or withdraw. TFG system ensures your time saving, security and reliability when you deposit or withdraw.

Currencies accepted are BTC/ETH and account balance will be USD amount, with exchange rate is current rate at the deposit/withdrawal time.


9. How about the referral bonus policy?

With TFG's affiliate program, the customers still receive amount of award income whether they contribute their investment or not. TFG offers 11 referral levels for our partners’ structures which are created by their own by using affiliate network. In addition, if TFG clients are adjusted to earn more rewards following partnership program, then at performing of the conditions the reward amount will significantly increase.

Please check our all affiliate program here.



Risk Warning

Trading products such as Forex and CFDs come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Therefore they may not suitable with all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand how CFDs and other instruments work as well as your level of experience to get your investment goals before trading. Moreover, you should consider wherether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
Please read the full Risk Disclosure