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Trade Follow Global Company (TFG) is established as a Global Forex and CFD Broker in July 2018.

We have developed a Social Trading platform that supports individuals in trading all products: Metals, Stocks, CFDs, Currencies,... by receiving trading signals from excellent experienced traders who gained great achievements in this trading market.

At TFG, the Followers are able to create a Following list of Top Traders who are selected carefully by TFG. They are ranked by performance in TFG community that allows investors to see the real results, follow all transactions of such traders and make decisions whether or not to copy those orders.

By opening a Follower account in TFG's Social Trading platform, the customers are able to access to the history of Top Traders in TFG community, choose accounts to follow. Then TFG's system will allow you to earn money based on these professional traders' strategies. Followers can make profit from up to 2% daily simply by following Top Traders and automatically copy their trading strategies. We believe that our service is the best solution for traders who don’t have much experience or research time. We are confident that TFG will attract numerous people around the world.

TFG does not bind the participants and its transaction system is quite simple. Just need a phone or a computer with internet access, and a little money, the customer can start earning money without having to spend time as well as effort studying or learning about complex trading processes.

With TFG, let's find ranked Top Traders, look at their trading histories for the last 6 months ,12 months, and choose to Follow under their trading strategies.



Trade Follow Global Company organizes employees into dynamic teams where all employees are motivated to share their opinions. Despite different specific tasks, TFG employees show great dedication to the company mission - enhancing the trust and satisfaction of the customers together with the prestige of the company.

▪ Trading Experts

The core of our company is based on our expertisers’ research on the market and the good traders. All of the traders must be qualified enough to be listed on our website. Our team of experts have the mission to evaluate and choose the best traders, so that the Followers can have stable profit with lowest risk.

▪ Information Technology (IT)

IT team take care of our database and website operation. Because of the big data and the constantly changing data of the market, the team plays a very important role in 24/24 operation. Furthermore, securing customers’ information is at the team’s highest of standard. 

▪ Marketing
The team members are experts in the fields of social media, exhibitions and viral marketing. They are responsible for our research and report publications, our social media campaigns and bounty campaigns. Thanks to this, TFG can be widely known and with realistic benefits, enhance its prestige and get promoted to the community.

▪ Sales
Our sales teams present our products and services to potential customers, as well as help existing customers understand well about our products, and the benefits customers can receive from our company

▪ Operations

This huge team which includes HR, Finance ensure the smooth operation of our company. Their excellence contributes to the gradual improvement of TFG and creates a good environment for the development of all employees.

▪ Customer Service
The team work under high responsibility to answer all questions from our customers. Every problems or issues arisen before/during/after customers’ investment period are responded and solved with awareness of time-saving and efficiency.



We take pride in the activeness of our managers and employees and the technology we maintain. Nevertheless, to survive in a risky market, we have key principles to follow:

Firstly, customers are the driving force for our company. Offering a stable profit for each package is a difficult mission, but will surely build the reputation for TFG. Moreover, we keep strong relationships with our customers by timely customer service. Responding to customer requests on time as well as resolving customer issues in a timely fashion is an extremely approach to build the loyalty, we understand that.

Secondly, CFD and stock exchange markets always have volatility. It depends on the information and the development as well as the recession of the economy. That’s why our professional team continuously ranked Top Traders each day by performance to help investors choose the best trading strategies.

Thirdly, the company maintain the stable earnings and have insurance for the customers in case of unforeseen risks . Once the customers make a profit, 30% of this profits will be returned to TFG, of which 15% will be for the followed Traders as a Performance fee of using their strategies and the other 15% will be kept in TFG insurance fund. This fund will pay 50% of loss if Followers have negative orders. 

Fourthly, teamwork is our strength to minimize similar errors. We create a creative environment, where all members are encouraged to share their thoughts in a measurable and regulated way. The creativity combined with experience is the best way to operate TFG with low cost, high profit and efficient cooperation.


Our business is best managed by a highly efficient, close-knit team. The company is built around the investment expertise and strong knowledge in the international market and experience trading, as well as auto-management trading system. Sharing knowledge, innovation updates, team spirit and customer orientation form the basis of our development. What is more, our company also enhances interacting with clients and encourages customers to contribute their opinions on every part of our activities. We regard customers as special members and are willing to listen to their ideas.




Risk Warning

Trading products such as Forex and CFDs come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Therefore they may not suitable with all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand how CFDs and other instruments work as well as your level of experience to get your investment goals before trading. Moreover, you should consider wherether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
Please read the full Risk Disclosure