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1. Secure Sockets Layer Protocol (SSL)

Trade Follow Global pays special attention to safety of all aspects of interaction arising at using of the website by users and clients of the company. Many websites can’t provide adequate safety that can lead to loss of data or to capture of data by the third parties.

Our company assures the maximum level of protection of transferred data as we use the most powerful and modern protocol of the data authenticating and encrypting. At the same time each user, using our website, will be informed on the maximum degree of protection at the using of the most modern SSL protocols of the data encrypting.

This technology almost completely makes impossible capture of data and the subsequent use of these data by unauthorized persons that gives the maximum safety to all actions associated with using by the users. You can be absolutely sure that you all information which you use at log in to the personal account and also any other confidential data won’t be captured by the third parties.

The maximum security of data, modern technologies of SSL protocol, is the strong confirmation of innovation of the technologies used by the company and an indicator of high level of the provided services.


2. Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS)

Regarding policy of full safety of all components that Trade Follow Global uses for the website, the company has also taken care of full safety of the website at impact on it operability of DdoS attack.

As we well know that DdoS attack interfere with normal work of the website, users can’t use the website for designated purpose. Besides, DdoS attack can significantly affect from a negative side the subsequent operability of the website as at the time of DdoS attack can be damaged the databases and the other information accuracy of all website systems.

As the result, many components of our website can be irrevocably lost that will make impossible further use of such website. Understanding all hard of such threats, we have taken care of that all databases, all components of our website have been placed on the most powerful servers in the world and have been protected by the most modern means warning and counteracting to the DdoS attacks of any causes.


3. HTTPS protocol of data transferring

For data security provision and interaction, is necessary the complex of actions which creates the powerful, modern and high-speed system of counteraction which can’t be cracked. Only usage of the HTTPS protocol of data transferring allows to use the maximum level of the data encrypting embodied in the EV SSL certificate which provides the highest level of safety and security.

At the using of the EV SSL-certificate the data encrypting happens in both directions — as the data received by the users and the data sent to the server by means of the company website. And it is the most important distinctive feature of this component of safety which we provide to the users.

Simple SSL protocol can protect, authenticate and crypt the data only in one side and malefactors could use this circumstance in own interests.

But we have set the most powerful EV SSL-encrypting compatible only to HTTPS and now the users of the website can be confident in full confidentiality of the information flows by which exchanges both the company with the client, and the client with the company.


4. Antivirus malware protection

All components of the website are protected by the software and hardware which successfully and at the highest level safety counteract viruses, logical bombs, the Trojan programs and other malicious programs of any sources.

Due to a certain confidentiality of the matter, we can’t disclose all technical details of what systems are used at the ensuring of the anti-virus safety of the company website nevertheless, we assure all users of our website that the taken measures conform to the most strict requirements of anti-virus Internet safety imposed to the websites of the highest level at the present stage of development of these technologies.

Risk Warning

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